Me, hero

Address: Karlova 26, Praha 1
Tags: Drama
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Release: 2012
Author: Jiří Havelka

Performing: Sofia Adamová, Andrea Ballayová, Jiří Böhm, Eva Burešová, Mikuláš Čížek, Josef Jelínek, Barbora Kubátová, Marek Menšík, Richard Vokůrka, Petr Vydarený

No theater, only the bare reconstruction. Designer project is a reconstruction acts brothers Mašín and provides maximum objective environment for the solution of a simple but acute questions: killer or hero?

We feel that we know enough. But we know only as much information we have at hand. Mašínová defend freedom. Maybe just my own. With courage and conviction about their own truth they managed to flee through closely guarded borders and a few decades later, get a few awards. In their actions, however, people died.

Do you feel an objective? And whose side are you on? Author’s production draws on police records, authentic interviews and Internet discussions on Mašín brothers. – Translated by Automatic service


Já, hrdina (trailer)  Já, hrdina (trailer) 2:44 9 ×

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