Slečna abigail

Address: Římská 45, Praha 2
Tags: Comedy
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Performing: Jitka Asterová, Lukáš Pavlásek

Entertaining at the theater to theater still grateful lover topic. relations. Miss Abigail is in fact a widow, still not quite in handy, that after the death of her beloved husband felt the need to help people. The whole game is actually Miss Abigail lecture on how to successfully manage partnerships.

Viewers may send their queries stage and during the performances from the audience are invited volunteers to help demonstrate the dating stage, and other

techniques. Miss Abigail has švarného assistant Hispanic young man named Paco. During the evening, constantly ringing phone, which just shows how popular and in demand is Miss Abigail. Advice on seeking it sure Jennifer, who is after the break with Brad totally desperate.

Miss Abigail took his brains of countless handbooks type. “How do you get a young man and what it will do”, the latest of which was published sometime in the 70th years. With Paco us Abigail is the most appropriate ways of introduction (as you sit in a cafe and what topics zapřádat call – weather, food, church activities), advises on how to differentiate love, lust and vain desire, and how well your partner married and maintain (ten listening partner, not compare with previous relationships).

Everything runs at a fast pace and in a good mood, and ultimately, of course, Paco confesses Miss Abigail’s love and a piece culminates happy ending. Vaudeville play was given with great success in June 2010 in Florida, David A Straz Jr. Center for Performing Arts. – Translated by Automatic service

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